[et-mgmt-tools] Creating new VM, 404 install iso cannot be found

Hugh Brock hbrock at redhat.com
Tue Jun 5 17:37:01 UTC 2007

Richard Shaw wrote:
> Hi,
> When creating a new VM under Virtual Machine Manager 0.2.6 I'm getting 
> this error
> Guest Install Error
> ERROR Invalid URL location given :[Errno 14]
> HTTP Error 404: Not Found
> The path i'm pointing it to is http://localhost/iso/2003.iso   
> Apache is configured correctly
> Perms are correct
> I can browse to that url through firefox correctly
> I can wget the file
> The wizard just refuses to access it.    I can't see what i've missed, 
> any suggestions?
> Thanks in advance
> Richard

It looks like you're trying to install a paravirt guest from an iso 
image. Unfortunately this won't work -- for paravirt guests, you need to 
point the installer to a yum repository that has the paravirt kernel and 
initrd in the place the installer expects.

If you're trying to install a fully virt guest, you need to either use 
the CD, or select the ISO from a readable filesystem.

If you can provide more details, we may be able to help more...


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