[et-mgmt-tools] no network with koan --virt vm?

Bill McGonigle bill at bfccomputing.com
Wed Jun 6 00:27:53 UTC 2007

On Jun 4, 2007, at 19:42, Bill McGonigle wrote:

> koan --virt --server=bread --system=BF:CC:AC:10:00:65
> ...
> I'd really like to hear a, "hey stupid, you forgot to ____". :)   
> Failing that, does anybody know how to suspend anaconda so I could  
> see what, say, ifconfig has to say about the situation?  Virtual  
> Consoles work at the real console, but I'm not figuring it out in  
> xm console.

OK, at least part of the _____ was "Learn how MAC addresses are  

By using BF as the most significant byte, my MAC started with  
10111111, *with an LSB of 1*.  This makes it a multicast address.   
Doh.  So my determination that I didn't have networking was correct,  
only more correct was that I didn't have unicast networking  
(obviously what's useful here) and I shot myself in the foot to boot.

I've switched to 02 (00000010) as my first byte which both makes it a  
unicast address and follows the proper form for a locally-assigned MAC.

I still don't have DHCP working yet, but I can now at least see the  
network, and am on to other errors.


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