[et-mgmt-tools] [RFC]The Collision of LVM UUID by Cloning

Kazuki Mizushima mizushima.kazuk at jp.fujitsu.com
Thu Jun 14 13:14:51 UTC 2007

Hi, Mark

Thanks for comments.

> How exactly are you seeing this collision? Are you trying to mount the
> two guest images in Dom0 or ... ? In that case, the VG names will
> collide too, not just the PV UUID.

Ahh, I might have made a mistake in the usage of "Collision". 
It means that a machine which has same Universally Unique IDentifier 
exits in the world.

So, I checked by the command, pvdispay/vgdisplay/lvdisplay, on both original
guest and clone guest. Surely, when mount(kpartx) the images form Dom-0, the
VG names is collide, which is for a user op.

In case of cloning the original guest used LVM which is one disk wholly,
Domain-0 automatically notices the cloning guest disk of header(LVM), which
I think the problem.

Kazuki Mizushima

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