[et-mgmt-tools] How to report bugs?

Steve Brueckner steve at atc-nycorp.com
Thu Jun 14 14:20:11 UTC 2007

Hugh Brock wrote:
> Steve Brueckner wrote:
>> I want to report a bug for virt-manager, but I don't see a bug report
>> link on either the virt-manager page or the emerging technology
>> wiki. How can I report bugs? 
>> Steve Brueckner, ATC-NY
> bugzilla.redhat.com will do nicely. What distro/virt-manager version?
> --Hugh

Thanks, I'll post there (unless you can easily spot my problem: this is 
in reference to a post I made to this list yesterday around 1600EDT).  
I'm using FC7 and virt-manager 0.4.0-2.fc7, and virt-manager won't 
connect to the xen hypervisor.

Steve Brueckner, ATC-NY

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