[et-mgmt-tools] KVM: praise for F7 virt-manager, virsh, automatically starting guests

Adam Monsen haircut at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 00:57:09 UTC 2007

First of all, the improved virt-manager that comes with Fedora 7 is
awesome! By simply clicking through the UI and exploring a bit I was
able to learn how to create a functional bridged network to the LAN my
host is on. I know naught about networking and this has traditionally
been the most painful aspect for me when I was playing with
virtualization some time ago.

1. Should virsh work with KVM in Fedora 7? When I run virsh I get only
"virsh: error: failed to connect to the hypervisor"

2. What is the canonical/"out of the box" way to start a KVM-based
guest when the host system boots? I'm fine with "just use
/etc/rc.local" or whatever if the infrastructure isn't in place yet
(if so, what command should I run?). But it would be nice to be able
to manage the guest from virt-manager after starting it up from a
script somehow.

Thank you,

Adam Monsen

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