[et-mgmt-tools] Limit to PXE menu?

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Mon Jun 18 15:31:58 UTC 2007

Caetano, Greg wrote:
> Is there a limit to the number of choices in the PXE menu when working
> with cobbler?
> Thanks
> Greg
> Greg Caetano
> HP TSG Linux Solutions Alliances Engineering
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I vaguely recall reading that menu.c32 did have a limit on the number of 
menu options, possibly in the 1000's range. This would mean a limit on 
the number of cobbler profiles -- not cobbler sytems -- as systems don't 
show up in the menu. I can't seem to find any reference of that now 
online or in /usr/share/doc/syslinux-3.11 so I could be imagining.

Either way, no one has bumped against any limit yet and reported it -- 
if they do, we can work on partitioning things via submenus.


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