[et-mgmt-tools] Cimbiote methods

Bart Whiteley bart.lists at whiteley.org
Wed Jun 20 21:37:19 UTC 2007

On 3/22/07, Bart Whiteley <bart.lists at whiteley.org> wrote:
> On 3/22/07, Michael DeHaan <mdehaan at redhat.com> wrote:
> >
> > Wow, a post about Cimbiote :)   I'm happy and sad at the same time.
> > You're basically the first person who has asked about it.    Cimbiote is
> > now largely unmaintained, and I should update the web page to indicate
> > we are looking for a new owner.    I would really like to see someone
> > who is well connected with CIM development help continue it.
> I would like to take ownership of Cimbiote if you're looking for a new
> owner.

We have finished our Python provider interface.

Details can be found on the PyWBEM project wiki.
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