[et-mgmt-tools] Unable to open connection

Rob van Oostveen rob at vanoostveen.net
Fri Jun 29 12:12:12 UTC 2007


> Yes, I have had this same problem when building libvirt on machines 
> where I had forgotten to install xen-devel. The build config for libvirt 
> automatically sets WITH_XEN=no if it doesn't find xen-devel, without 
> telling you it's doing it... we should probably fix that at some point...

I downloaded the xen-devel-3.1.0-1.i386.rpm from the xensource download page.
But libvirt doesnt compile with xen support. I installed the package with
--nodeps cause I dont have de xen package installed by rpm, but instead by source.

Can you tell me where to find the xen-devel files when I build the Xen
environment with source?

Thanks again.


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