[et-mgmt-tools] cobbler enchant problem...

John Sanabria John.Sanabria at ece.uprm.edu
Fri Mar 2 20:37:57 UTC 2007


i have a functional "cobbler server". Its ip number is
With that cobbler server i can create virtual boxes inside 136...114
machine. Now, i have another machine and i had install
cobbler and koan on it, the /var/lib/cobbler/settings file, i had modify
as follows:

next_server: ''
server: ''

Now, when i log as root in 136...114 and run

cobbler enchant --virt=yes --address=
enchant failed (koan is missing)

any clues about it? is necessary to remote system configure any
cobbler/koan tools?

--- additional info ---
[root at reboot ~]# cobbler report
distro          : xentemplate
kernel          : /root/vmlinuz
initrd          : /root/initrd.img
kernel options  : {}
architecture    : x86
ks metadata     : {}
breed           : redhat

profile         : xentemplate-profile
distro          : xentemplate
kickstart       : /etc/cobbler/grid.cfg
kernel options  : {}
ks metadata     : {}
virt name       : xentemplate
virt file size  : 6
virt ram        : 256
virt paravirt   : True
repos           :


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