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Ken Robson ken at robson.net
Tue Mar 13 20:14:33 UTC 2007

> Thanks for the feedback...
> It looks like you were using "cobbler import --mirror" on a DVD 
> location, or perhaps the older "cobbler import --path".   
> Which was it?  
> If it was "--mirror", that code, being designed for public 
> rsync mirrors 
> and not DVD's, likely did not have enough information to pick a good 
> kickstart for the distro you used.   If it was "--path", that code 
> doesn't auto-assign kickstarts at all.   Basically cobbler uses known 
> pieces of the path, which are found on all public mirrors, 
> like "FC-6" 
> or "RHEL-4" to determine what the distro is and to assign a good 
> kickstart to that distro. 
> Either way, you can edit the profile file 
> (/var/lib/cobbler/profiles) to 
> add in a tree location to use.    It's another element of 
> "ksmeta" and 
> just needs to have a value like 
> "http://server/cobbler_track/path/to/files/os" or equivalent.
> I'll go back and see if the kickstart assignment code can be 
> tweaked to 
> better suit the DVD import cases.

I followed the section in the man page which was entitled "NORMAL WORKFLOW"
which seemed to indicate that you should import a local DVD using:

	cobbler import --mirror=root at localhost:/mnt/dvd

Or that was my interpretation!  I will look at the man page more thoroughly
and import the DVD using the --path option as you mention above.

Thanks for your help.
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