[et-mgmt-tools] Cobbler "Roadmap"

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Thu Mar 15 23:36:53 UTC 2007

There have been a lot of good requests for cobbler/koan features (and 
bugfixes) lately, so I thought I would share the current list as I have it.

If you have any other requests, now would be a good time to share 
them.    This is the (basically) the same TODO file that's in source 


cobbler TODO list
now with 1-5 priority ratings

2  -  better documentation (particularly online articles)

more new thoughts:
1  -  re-support repo add taking http:// urls, which will use 

1 -  import over http://, ftp:// in addition to existing file and 
rsync:// and ssh://
1 -  better support for import from DVD (with cleaner imported names)
5 -  "check" should check if services (esp httpd) are started
3 -  allow rsync without ssh option

user interface:
5 -  "cobbler add" should be distinguished from "edit" so as to not 
5 -  GTK (or Web) UI for Cobbler ?
5 -  have -v or --version
3 -  cobbler system names (indeed, everything) should be case insensitive.

1 -  enable more virtualization types in koan
4  -  (more of a koan item) LVM support

code cleanup:
5 -  remove the cobbler_msg logic since i18n isn't likely

5 -  make the multiple-bootloader system more plugin oriented to allow
     for alternative bootloaders (not neccessarily kickstart related)
     to be added.  (Low priority)
4 -  someone suggested looking at OMAPI for DHCP management

small bugs:
3  - cobbler report with a random parameter produces no output
     that should be an error... is that still the case?
3  - no logrotate or cleanup for /var/log/cobbler (kickstart tracking)
4  - cobbler import should attach "tree" to distro, not profile


One other item not on this list is to move source control over to git...

If I had a number #1 thing I want to fix soon it's the DVD import use 
case.   Setting up cobbler using a DVD image (instead of an rsync 
mirror) deserves to be really really easy, so I will probably tackle 
that for the next release.


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