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Hugh Brock hbrock at redhat.com
Sun Mar 18 17:59:09 UTC 2007

FA wrote:
> Dear Hugh
> Is it possible to port then virt-manager from FC7 to RHEL 5? 
> Yours
> Federico

Well, you would have to port libvirt, python-virtinst, and virt-manager. 
We wouldn't support it on RHEL5, but it *might* work.

Take care,

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> FA wrote:
>> Dear Red Hatters
>> I successfully created a new virtual machine using the virtual manager, 
>> and it rebooted at the end of the process, but it never shows up
>> in virt-manager. If I try to open it from the file,("restore saved 
>> machine") it says:
>> "Error restoring domain /rhinst/vm1". Is the domain already running"
>> How do I change the Domain for the machine whose file name is at 
>> /rhinst/vm1 ??
> virt-manager/libvirt in RHEL5 (and currently in FC6) does not have 
> Inactive Domain Support -- this mean it doesn't know how to tell you 
> about the existence or state of an inactive domain (like the one you 
> just created). The only way to take the domain you just created and make 
> it active is to execute "xm create <domain-name>" as root from the 
> command line; this will start your domain and it will then show up in 
> the virt-manager display.
> Note that in Fedora 7 (and soon in FC6) we have added inactive domain 
> support to libvirt and virt-manager, which means that your domain shows 
> up in the virt-manager window even though it isn't running. You can then 
> click on it and start it, or start it from the command line using 
> libvirt's "virsh" command-line interface.
> Hope this helps,
> --Hugh

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