[et-mgmt-tools] So soon? Cobbler 0.4.5 and koan 0.2.8 -- removal of unused "--virt-name" parameter from app.

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Fri Mar 23 20:17:44 UTC 2007

This release is rather inconsequental, but with the virtualization 
improvements included in koan 0.2.7, cobbler doesn't have any reason to 
have a "--virt-name" parameter anymore.
In the future, koan may get a flag to override the default name koan 
creates, which is, right now, set to the mac address of the system.

In order to remove this parameter from cobbler, one must update koan so 
that it no longer looks for it.   Updating just cobbler /will/ break 
your systems with koan installed on them, so unfortunately
both must be upgraded when moving to cobbler 0.4.5.

If someone already was playing with cobbler 0.4.4, there is no rush to 
upgrade either, just keep in mind that the "--virt-name" parameter 
mentioned in the docs doesn't do anything :)


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