[et-mgmt-tools] Distro specific kickstarts and repo questions

Matt S [UNIX Administrator] matts at hostingsupport.com
Tue Mar 27 21:59:52 UTC 2007

Would it be possible to track kickstarts based on distro? Alternatively
could we set a default kickstart on a per-distro basis. In our
environment we offer a monolithic configuration on various sets of
hardware so it would be advantageous if we could use the built-in "menu"
functionality and expect that the default kickstart will be appropriate
for our operating system selection. 

Maybe /etc/cobbler/$distro/default.ks

For instance, we may not want the default kickstart to do things in post
on Fedora that we want in RHEL-5.

Perhaps there is a way to manage this in cobbler and I'm just missing

Any thoughts? (I'm trying to accomplish this somewhat through the use of

A second question. We have some custom repo's that we want to configure
in order that packages may be installed during provisioning. I setup a
mirrored repo which imported all the files correctly. 

When the repo is defined during the profile creation it works but
cobbler won't sync. 

/var/lib/cobbler/profiles shows the repo listed

The following error is kicked back: one of the listed repositories is
not defined in cobbler

Any help would be appreciated.

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