[et-mgmt-tools] Installing Dom-U RH5 and RH4 on non-RH Xen Dom0

Jakub Kulesza jakub.kulesza at 7bulls.com
Thu May 17 09:23:55 UTC 2007


I am trying to find a way to properly boot a Xen Dom-U with RHEL5 or
RHEL4 inside, using a non-RH Xen Dom0 system. I don't also want to
install the VMM and virt-install tools. I want to find what to put
inside the xm configuration to get the instalation cd paravirtualized
with the net going.

The tools give you such functionality. Where in the code can i find data
that is being fed to the xen to start up the VMs? I've tried to figure
it out, but i'm not a programmer i'm afraid. I've seen, that the tools
use Xen programming API instead of shell commands, so getting the xm
configuration file would not be so straightforward i suppose. 

Do you have any suggestions where i could start looking?


Jakub Kulesza

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