[et-mgmt-tools] dnsmasq

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Thu May 24 15:42:34 UTC 2007

Michael DeHaan wrote:
>>>> I've got a rough implementation coded up together on my server now 
>>>> that allows for using dnsmasq instead of ISC. Works pretty well.
>>>> What you do is set "manage_dhcpd_mode" to "dnsmasq" and then can do 
>>>> things like:
>>>> cobbler system add --name=AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF 
>>>> --ip-address= --hostname=blippy
This is checked in now, if anyone interested in using dnsmasq with 
cobbler would like to take a look at it ... I really like what I see so far.

git clone git://et.redhat.com/cobbler
make rpms

To enable this, go into /var/lib/cobbler/settings and add
(A) set 'manage_dhcp_mode' to 1
(B) set 'manage_dhcp_mode' = 'dnsmasq' (if you want to go back, change 
to 'isc')

See the manpage notes before proceeding. If you have an existing dnsmasq 
config, copy the relevant bits to /etc/cobbler/dnsmasq.template first so 
it won't be overwritten.

Off to look at dynamic control options now...


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