[et-mgmt-tools] [PATCH] Add VNC-Port setting when virt-managercreates VM

S.Sakamoto fj0588di at aa.jp.fujitsu.com
Fri May 25 11:15:53 UTC 2007

> > The attached patch adds VNC-Port setting when virt-manager creates VM.
> > The user can choose whether a VNC-Port is fixed or automatic setup. 
> I don't think we want to expose ability to specify a fixed VNC port numbers 
> in virt-manager. It will prove unreliable in practice, because even if you
> fix a particular guest on port 5905, any other guest doing dynamic VNC port
> assignment may choose this port before the hardcoded guest starts. It is
> not going to be easy for virt-manager to do validation of this port number
> either, since in the near future virt-manager may well be running remotely
> from the host. Finally, any one using virt-manager for management of guests
> never needs to know the port number, since virt-manager will always query
> it from the XML, so this is a very small niche usecase & I don't think it
> is worthwhile adding an extra step in the new VM wizard just for this
> capability.


I think that fixed port is necessary.
Because, it have a problem of security.

Don't know a number of a port opening out...
then, can't understand the port with attacked possibility.

When auto-select, 
Even if we perform an operative design before guest making,
We don't understand we are using any number, and which number was used.

It may be a very small niche usecase.
But, I think security is not an at all small problem.
So, I think that selection of a fixed port number is better.

Shigeki Sakamoto.

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