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Re: [et-mgmt-tools] kernel_options in /var/lib/cobbler/settings

Marc Mondragon wrote:
I know this area of cobbler has changed a bit and I'm trying to figure the best way to do the following:

1. Add serial console settings to this file in order to have them appended properly to the tftp boot files.
2. Have the serial console setting only apply to server installations, not workstation installations?
(1) To do this across the board, you just edit /var/lib/cobbler/settings ... though it sounds like you have something better in mind by (2).

(2)   To do this to just some machines, it looks something like this...

When adding a cobbler profile, do something like this:

cobbler profile add --name=serverprofilename --distro=distroname --kopts="console=ttyS0,57600"

And for the workstation profile, don't add the same "--kopts"...

cobbler profile add --name=workstationprofilename --distro=distroname

If you already have profiles you like defined, cobbler allows for editing now, so you can tweak an existing profile to add the serial console magic...

cobbler profile edit --name=serverprofilename --kopts="console=ttyS0,57600"

So, any time you provision based on the "serverprofilename" profile, you'll get the serial console, and in other cases, you won't...

Hope that helps...


Marc Mondragon
Fox River Financial Resources/Ritchie Capital Investments, Ltd.
2100 Enterprise Avenue
Geneva, IL  60134
marcmo foxriver com

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