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[et-mgmt-tools] virt factory 0.0.2 released

Virt-factory 0.0.2 is out...

If you're joining this list late and aren't sure what virt-factory is, Virt-Factory is a framework for managing a very large number of virtual machines on a network -- we're targetting datacenters and labs -- and it allows managing machines in an appliancey sort of way, assigning them to specific profiles that serve particular roles. You can provision a pool of host machines (or just register the ones you have) and then deploy virtual profiles out to them. It has a web interface for humans and we'll be working on a command line interface to match for remote scripting purposes.


This release mainly concentrates mainly on making virt-factory easier to install and bootstrap. It is still rather alpha-level in many ways, but we are always interested in hearing from those folks who want to manage a large number of virtual machines and deploy virtual appliances.

Future-releases will concentrate mainly on the items here: http://et.redhat.com/page/VF_Planning, though these will probably be rearranged somewhat over time.

As currently planned, the next release will concentrate on moving virt-factory to a real database (PostgreSQL and/or MySQL), bring in a professionally designed lickable WUI (shininess is important!), and streamlining the node communications using AMQP/QPid (http://cwiki.apache.org/qpid/).

If you have questions or ideas that you'd like to share over IRC, stop by #virt-factory on irc.freenode.net...

Michael DeHaan
Adrian Likins
Scott Seago

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