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Re: [et-mgmt-tools] IPAPPEND

Marc Mondragon wrote:

I know this was discussed on the mailing list but was there ever any resolution on how this would be handled? I saw that Michael offered a patch that would always add this but it appears it wasn’t applied.

Marc Mondragon

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Right, I ended up not adding that because it probably doesn't make sense in all cases. We came up with a better solution -- making the PXE configuration files themselves templates (like cobbler already did with kickstarts).

If you want to add this, just edit /etc/cobbler/pxesystem.template and /etc/cobbler/pxeprofile.template and add the IPAPPEND 2 (or whichever) at the right point in the file. Then run "cobbler sync" to make changes to update your configuration.

You can also add anything else you might need to those files. It's all pretty much fair game.


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