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[et-mgmt-tools] dnsmasq (was: Two cobbler feature suggestions (fwd))

Michael DeHaan wrote:
Bryan K. Wright wrote:
Hi folks,

    Here's a note I sent recently to Michael DeHaan, and his response.
He suggested I forward it to the list.  As he suggests, I'll take a look
at Cobbler's trigger infrastructure and see what would be required
to get Cobbler to play with dnsmasq.

I've got a rough implementation coded up together on my server now that allows for using dnsmasq instead of ISC. Works pretty well.

What you do is set "manage_dhcpd_mode" to "dnsmasq" and then can do things like:

cobbler system add --name=AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF --ip-address= --hostname=blippy

I should have something checked in to the repo tomorrow, (default mode = "isc"), though I'm experiencing some problems with routing setup. If there are any dnsmasq experts who might be able to help debug what's up with the kickstart files not being retrieved, that would prove useful. Basically the system will PXE fine, DHCP works as intended, but the cobbler server address ( in this case) is apparently not reachable.

Anyhow, this is pretty close to achieving dynamic DNS management within cobbler. I like what I see so far.

If someone knows how to add host entries (DHCP and DNS) into dnsmasq without restart, that would also prove useful -- I see something can be done with polling resolv.conf (nice) but am not sure about the DHCP component. Right now cobbler is templating out /etc/dnsmasq.conf using /etc/cobbler/dnsmasq.template and reloading the service, much like the way the DHCP management works now.


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