[et-mgmt-tools] Virt-install query

Chris Sarginson chris.sarginson at ukfast.net
Thu Sep 6 16:46:31 UTC 2007

Hi Chaps,

I'm currently running CentOS 5 with python-virtinst-0.99.0-2.el5.centos, 
and all I am looking to do is set acpi/apic/pae to be 0, so that I can 
install windows - with these set to 1 the setup wont continue.

Is there are an argument I can provide to virt-install to change these? 
  I have tried the following, but as the /etc/xen/logan file contains


It's not working.

Command I am using currently:
virt-install -n logan -r 512 -vcpus=1 -f /home/vm/102 -s 10 -v 
--cdrom=/root/standard2003.iso --noautoconsole --vnc

Kind regards

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