[et-mgmt-tools] PATCH: 'cobbler reposync foo bar' now syncs repos 'foo' & 'bar' regardless of 'keep-updated' flag

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Thu Sep 6 16:52:55 UTC 2007

Riggs, Ben wrote:
> Very useful for maintaining testing and production repos: Point the 
> testing repos out and set keep updated to yes; point the production 
> repos at /var/www/cobbler/repo_mirror/$test_repos and set keep updated 
> to no. When the testing repos are confirmed good, 'cobbler reposync 
> test repo names' to move test repos to production, then 'cobbler 
> reposync' to update the test repos.
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Applied and very useful, thanks!

By "cobbler reposync test repo names", Ben means that you can list repos 
that you want to explictly sync on the command line, without having to 
sync everything.  
There isn't a command called "test repo names" :)

As an example, basically "cobbler reposync fc6i386updates 
fc6x8664updates" would sync both sets of updates for fc6, and leave out 
f7.   You can sync as few or as
many repos as you like.

If you only want to edit a certain repo sporadically (say a repo for 3rd 
party drivers or ISV software, or a mirror of some RPMs your company has 
produced internally), "repo edit --name=foo --keep-updated=False" will 
do the trick, and "cobbler reposync foo" will still force it to sync 
when needed.


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