[et-mgmt-tools] virt-factory 0.0.4 released

Adrian Likins alikins at redhat.com
Thu Sep 6 22:04:13 UTC 2007

Virt-factory 0.0.4 has been released.

Virt-Factory is a set of applications for managing a very large number 
of virtual machines such as might be found in data centers or compute 
farms. The goal of the project is to determine new and efficient ways to 
control these large environments.

Changes include:

     * Use busrpc(AMQP) to communicate with nodes
     * Status tracking -- heartbeat from node daemons and
        associated infrastructure. async notification of
        changes to Xen state show up in WUI, use AMQP to do this.
     * Keeping VM's (re)started when host nodes restart.
     * Separate WUI from central server so they can optionally be
        installed on separate machines.
     * new command line app "ampm" that has same functionality as the wui
     * virt-factory now supports KVM for virt, and uses it by default.

For now, F7 is required (AMQP being the main reason)

Our plans for future releases are detailed here:

More info, including download info, etc can be found at:

It's still in early stages, but it's getting there.

Downloads are here:  http://virt-factory.et.redhat.com/download.php


Michael DeHaan
Adrian Likins
Scott Seago

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