[et-mgmt-tools] Alternative storage backends for Cobbler / other features

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Thu Sep 20 14:53:47 UTC 2007

Bryan Kearney wrote:
> Couple of things having been using the cobbler cli for a while:
> 1) I find myself adding single ksmeta tags, and having to re-create 
> the whole list. I would be nice to be able to CRUD a single element in 
> the ksmeta field.

Yep, I'm aware of this.  The new Web UI will allow you to just edit the 
contents of the field (I'm due to send an email update out on that).   
The problem with adding or removing just a single tag from the command 
line was mainly in me not thinking of a great syntax to do this.   It's 
easy enough to do adds but deletes get clunky.   If you
are careful, you can edit the yaml in /var/lib/cobbler/* directly ... 
though yaml is not super-forgiving of formatting errors.  

> 2) Much of the data in the profiles is "important" and I would like to 
> put that into source code control. So.. a way to import and export a 
> tree of profiles would be swanky.
Thanks for the bringing this up.  I've thought about modifying the 
serializers to store seperate objects in seperate files, a la 
"conf.d".   That would help more with the diffs.   Otherwise, you can 
stick /var/lib/cobbler/(settings|profiles|distros|systems) in source 
control as is now.    Though I do agree having support for a conf.d 
style structure would make this a lot better.  Something to look at for 
0.6.3, perhaps?

> -- bk 

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