[et-mgmt-tools] Two easy to fix bugs in cobbler

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Tue Sep 25 19:21:05 UTC 2007

> hmm...i believe this issue may prevent people from using NFS install 
> media.  it's not a big issue as i've just been lazy and have not 
> updated my ks.cfg's to use http.
> -pete
If you look into the evils that cobbler does when it sees NFS in a 
kickstart template, you'll see that it will insert a commented out URL 
line in for koan to find
and understand.   It's weird, and patches to make that cleaner are 
welcome, but it seems to work.  So, as long as your kickstarts are 
stored on a filesystem such that they run through the templating engine, 
life should be good with koan.

(This doesn't come into play with PXE at all)


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