[et-mgmt-tools] [ANNOUNCE] Cobbler 0.6.2 (pre) release

Matthias Saou thias at spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.egg.and.spam.freshrpms.net
Wed Sep 26 08:55:49 UTC 2007

Michael DeHaan wrote :

> So ... I'm uploading the 0.6.2 RPM's today for folks to have a chance to 
> try things out before pushing to the mirrors on Friday.
> http://cobbler.et.redhat.com/download/cobbler-0.6.2-1.src.rpm
> http://cobbler.et.redhat.com/download/koan-0.6.2-1.src.rpm

Great! I'll be testing them today hopefully. A few points regarding the
packages :

- Why does cobbler require "python-devel" at runtime?
- Could you maybe put absolute URLs into the Source0 fields?
- Cobbler seems to be missing an excludearch ppc64, which koan has.
  You might also want to put a comment in the spec file as to why
  they are needed, as I don't understand why cobbler couldn't be used
  on a ppc, myself.
- The License field for koan needs to be updated too.
- You should use "rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT". The variable will never
  be empty, so the pseudo-check is useless.
- The .gz suffix to the man pages shouldn't be included, since rpm
  can be configured to use bzip2 or no compression, use foo.1*.
- Inconsistency between "/sbin/chkconfig" and "chkconfig".
- There are two Requires(preun) instead of having a Requires(postun).
- Use "%ifarch %{ix86}" instead of "%ifarch i386 i686" to also include
  athlon, i586 etc.

Probably more. If you don't mind an almost rewrite, I could also simply
take a stab at making all the changes and submit updated spec files.


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