[et-mgmt-tools] WebUI issue

Marc Mondragon marcmo at foxriver.com
Wed Sep 26 18:50:26 UTC 2007

Hello all,


I've been playing around with the new WebUI and everything seems to be
working fine.  However, when I click on the Add->System link I get a
page of highlighted code with this at the end:


global ParseError = <class Cheetah.Parser.ParseError>, self =
<Cheetah.Parser._HighLevelParser instance>, msg undefined

ParseError: Invalid end directive Line 107, column 9 in file
/usr/share/cobbler/webui_templates/system_edit.tmpl Line|Cheetah Code
----|------------------------------------------------------------- 104 |
/> 105 | #if not $system 106 | <a href="javascript: get_random_mac()"
style="font-size: 0.8em;">random</a> 107 | #end ^ 108 | <p
class="context-tip">Example: AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF</p> 109 | </td> 110 |
      col = None 
      extMsg = '' 
      lineno = None 
      msg = 'Invalid end directive' 
      report = <bound method ParseError.report of
<Cheetah.Parser.ParseError instance>> 
      stream = <Cheetah.Parser._HighLevelParser instance> 


I did update this afternoon from git and I haven't added any systems
recently so I cannot recall if this was happening before the update.


Marc Mondragon


Fox River Financial Resources/Ritchie Capital Investments, Ltd.
2100 Enterprise Avenue
Geneva, IL  60134
marcmo at foxriver.com


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