[et-mgmt-tools] [ANNOUNCE] Func 0.0.12

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Fri Sep 28 21:03:37 UTC 2007


New software release time!   Yay!

Lots of us have been thinking about and working on a system to help make 
control of a very large number of remote machines easier.
To save myself the trouble of writing the release-announcement, I'll 
just borrow from our meticulously crafted web page and then let
you read that :)


    * Have you ever tried to manage a large number of systems with SSH?
      Have you wanted a better way?
    * Have you wanted a way to audit all of your remote commands on all
      of your systems?
    * Tired of writing shell scripts and parsing command output?
    * Are you fed up with CIM, WBEM, and complicated systems that
      prevent you from doing /real/ work?
    * Well have we got a solution for you. It's Func.

There are now src RPM and tarball downloads of the first version up on 
the Wiki page under "FuncReleases".
You can also pull from git if you are so inclined.   It's definitely an 
alpha/beta kind of thing as this point, so it's
a great time to start checking it, getting involved, and contributing 
your own ideas, modules, scripts, and so on.

For more information:
    * https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/func/
    * https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/func-list
    * #func on irc.freenode.net

As usual comments and questions are welcome.   However, please use the 
func-mailing list and not this one if you can remember.  Future
announcements will go there, as we don't want to flood this list with 
development topics on func.

Func is brought to you by...

    James Bowes
    Michael DeHaan
    Greg DeKoenigsberg
    Adrian Likins
    Robin Norwood
    Seth Vidal
    Jesus Rodriguez
    (hope I'm not leaving anyone out)
    and soon to be ... you :)



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