[et-mgmt-tools] KVM, Virt-manager and virtio

Ruben Arutyunyan ruben_arutyunyan at shl.ru
Sat Nov 15 23:56:54 UTC 2008

Ok, i managed to install the driver. Tried all version for both XP and 2K i 
could find. If driver install correctly then after more than zero acticity 
it gives me BSOD with BUGCODE_NDIS_DRIVER. According to MS support pages 
this means that "An Ethernet driver indicated that it received a packet by 
using a packet descriptor that the protocol stack is currently using."

Anyone seen anything like that?


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> Ruben Arutyunyan wrote:
>> Thanks, that helped alot. But now i have another issue...
>> My <interface> section now looks like that:
>>     <interface type='bridge'>
>>       <mac address='00:16:3e:04:a0:5f'/>
>>       <source bridge='br0'/>
>>       <model type='virtio'/>
>>     </interface>
>> I log into win box using virt-manager console and start installing driver
>> for network card. And guest hangs. No errors, nothing. Just hangs 
>> completely
>> during copying driver files. Any ideas?
> No idea, could be a bug anywhere in the stack. Maybe
> remove the net device from the VM entirely, install
> the drivers, then reattach the nic. Assumably windows
> will just detect it correctly at that point.
> - Cole

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