[et-mgmt-tools] Fedora 10 Release and Virtualization News

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Mon Nov 24 22:22:16 UTC 2008

Dale Bewley wrote:
> Sorry for the annoying cross post.
> The next Fedora Weekly News[1] will be published Monday, one day before
> the release of Fedora 10. I would like dedicate a special section of the
> Virtualization Beat[2] to touting the advances and new features in F10.
> As with the release notes[3], I am seeking your input. (A little late, I
> know.) I'm interested not only in the new virtualization features and
> breakthroughs found in the F10 release, but also any updates that might
> be right around the corner in f10-updates.
> Perhaps you have some special insight into the upstream progress of
> pv_ops, or maybe you know about a almost complete implementation of a
> libvirt API feature into virt-manager or...
> I'm sorry if this is a little scattershot. For sometime, I've considered
> trying to present questions in interview style to each of these lists,
> but I just haven't gotten that together.
> The publication deadline is Sunday night, but I'll be able to use
> anything in the next edition of FWN. Please contribute, even if you read
> this on Monday.

I'm planning on making a more specific roadmap for virtinst/virt-manager
for the time leading up to F11, but some of the user facing pieces on
the (potential) horizon:

- UI Overhaul:
  Includes largely refactored 'New VM' wizard and a new 'manager'
  interface. A Red Hat guy worked up some UI mockups internally that
  I'll be posting for community feedback soon. None of it is set in
  stone so there is plenty of wiggle room. Oh, and new icons :)

- VM Cloning:  We've had code for this at the virtinst level for

  awhile, just needs to be brought up and exposed in virt-manager. This
  could also work over remote connections, we just need a 'volume
  duplicate' API in libvirt.

- Lot's of libvirt catchup: The next libvirt release will have host
  device enumeration, so we could have a wizard which shows all your
  usb or pci devices in a drop down, which you can then hotplug to
  the VM. Not to mention storage enumeration, proper wizards for
  sound and character devices, and the new events api which will
  clean up virt-manager internals and hopefully make the app scale
  a lot nicer.

Those are the straightforward ideas, other more interesting priorities
could pop up over the next few months (maybe virt-manager/virtinst linux
container support?)

BTW, thanks a lot for all your hard work. Docs can be a thankless task,
but the help is greatly appreciated.


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