[et-mgmt-tools] RFC: Pushing virt-image data into Cobbler

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Tue Nov 25 21:36:46 UTC 2008

Bryan Kearney wrote:
> As part of the adk work, we have some code which reads the 
> virt-image.xml file and pushes the metadata into cobbler. You can see 
> the code at [1].
> I would like to push this down into the virt-tools. It does not really 
> fit as part of any of the existing tools. Would folks be ok with a 
> virt-cobbler tool? Or perhaps virt-publish?
> -- bk
> [1] http://tinyurl.com/5s5kje
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Random thought -- If this can be run locally as root, and I guess it 
can, you could just use the local Cobbler API and avoid the 
authentication issues.

My preference would be to keep this part of the ADK package as it 
wouldn't be useful unless someone installed the ADK and is probably 
lightweight enough to keep in that package, but having it documented on 
the Cobbler Wiki for folks to be able to find out about it would 
definitely be interesting -- even if that's a pointer to the ADK Wiki.

FYI -- I imagine most folks here don't know what the ADK is.   Bryan is 
referring to http://thincrust.et.redhat.com -- he can give better 
background info on this than I can, so I'll let him do that and explain 
why it is interesting and what the Cobbler pieces do.


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