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Re: [et-mgmt-tools] Re: [libvirt] virt-install and custom distros

Kay Williams wrote:
> Cole Robinson wrote:
>> Kay Williams wrote:
>>> We have an application that builds custom distributions based on RHEL, CentOS or 
>>> Fedora.  We would like to install these over the network using virt-install, but 
>>> we've run into an issue with the distro check logic. Specifically, virt-install 
>>> fails unless it finds a string "Red Hat Enterprise Linux", "Fedora"  or "CentOS" 
>>> within the family field of the .treeinfo file.
>>> Our application currently sets the family field to the user-provided distro name 
>>> (see below).  We have avoided using the base distro name given trademark concerns.
>>>      [general]
>>>      family = <user provided value>
>>>      variant = <user provided value>
>>> We can get virt-install to pass the distro check by setting the family name to 
>>> one of the accepted values, e.g.
>>>      [general]
>>>      family = Fedora
>>>      variant = [user provided distro name]
>>> Is this the expected/desired use for the family and variant fields?  Or is there 
>>> another approach we should consider?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Kay

Okay, this should work now:


We won't detect the custom distro as Fedora, but we can still
boot off of it by parsing it's treeinfo for the relevant
paths or just polling known tree locations for media.

Let me know if there are any problems.


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