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[et-mgmt-tools] Looking for Guidance on Various virt-manager Bug Reports

A few weeks ago, I re-installed a server with Ubuntu Hardy and thus
started using virt-manager for the first time. Previously, we were using
VMWare Server. FWIW, we only have a couple of virtual machines running
at the moment.

In doing so, I filed a pile of bug reports. Some of these are trivial
text nitpicks. Some are feature suggestions, etc. I'm looking for
feedback on them. I should be able to write patches for at least the
trivial stuff here, if not some of the more in-depth things, but I want
to know that the *ideas* are good before I waste time implementing.
(And, if they're stupid, let's close some bug reports!)

You should be able to see them at the URL below. I used tinyurl because
the Launchpad URL was several lines long when wrapped.

I'll take comments here or on the bug reports, whichever you would


P.S. If some of these are distro-specific, I understand. The distro
maintainer is short on time and suggested I come here because he can't
afford to deviate from upstream much. Plus, many or most of these will
apply upstream.

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