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[et-mgmt-tools] ANNOUNCE: New release virtinst 0.400.0

I'm happy to announce a new virtinst release, version 0.400.0. It can be
downloaded at:


The direct link is:


New in this release:

  - New tool 'virt-convert': Allows converting between different types of
      virt configuration files. Currently only supports vmx -> virt-image.
  - New tool 'virt-pack': Converts virt-image xml format to vmx and packs
      in a tar.gz. (Note this will likely be merged with virt-convert in
      the future).
  - virt-install: Support for remote VM installation. Can use install media
      and disk images on remote host if shared via libvirt. Allows
      provisioning storage on remote pools.
  - virt-install new options:
      new --wait option, allows putting a hard time limit on installs.
      new --sound option, to create VM with soundcard emulation.
      new --disk option, allows specifying media as a path, storage volume, or
        a pool to provision storage on, device type, and several other options.
        Deprecates --file, --size, --nonsparse.
      new --prompt option. Input prompting is no longer the default, this
        option turns it back on.
  - virt-install: allow setting cpu pinning information for qemu/kvm VMs.
  - virt-install: numa support via --cpuset=auto option.
  - virt-image: --replace option to overwrite existing VM image file.
  - virt-image: support multiple network interfaces in virt-image format.
  - use virtio disk/net drivers if chosen os entry supports it (Fedora 9/10,
      Ubuntu Hardy).
  - Numerous bug fixes and minor improvements.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release whether by testing,
bug reporting, submitting patches,  and otherwise sending feedback!


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