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Re: [et-mgmt-tools] [patch] virtinst--devel - virt-convert error

Joey Boggs wrote:
> Look like the release after .300 had OS_TYPES renamed to _OS_TYPES in 
> FullVirtGuest.py creating this error for virt-convert

Ahh, foo. I explicitly renamed this so that the structure was private
and no users of the API would be accessing it directly, so that we
could change the internal format of OS_TYPES without repercussions.
I forgot to check virtconv for uses though :(

Eventually the os dictionary should be moved out of the fullvirtguest
class and be a virtinst global thing, that any pieces of the
library can access. Also the virtimage format should handle this os
type/variant natively so we don't need to do any lookup on the 
virt-convert side.

Anyways, I've applied this patch, with a big TODO for the above cases.



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