[et-mgmt-tools] Virt-manager and qemu logging

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Fri Feb 6 19:43:48 UTC 2009

Radek Hladik wrote:
> Hi,
> 	I am using virt-manager+libvirt+kvmqemu and I noticed today that when 
> virt-manager is running and polling VMs stats libvirt log in 
> /var/log/libivrt/qemu/vmname is filling with messages like
> info blockstats
> ide0-hd0: rd_bytes=16710828032 <http://www.snapanumber.com/> 
> wr_bytes=2248787148 <http://www.snapanumber.com/>8 rd_operations=382576 
> wr_oper
> ations=1579878
> ide1-cd0: rd_bytes=936448 wr_bytes=0 rd_operations=456 wr_operations=0
> floppy0: rd_bytes=0 wr_bytes=0 rd_operations=0 wr_operations=0
> sd0: rd_bytes=0 wr_bytes=0 rd_operations=0 wr_operations=0
> is this needed for virt-manager to poll the info or have I only 
> forgotten to disable some debugging somewhere? I tried to change loging 
> parameter in libvirt.conf but that had no effect (I didnt restart the 
> VMs though).

If disk polling is enabled in virt-manager, those messages will be
logged by libvirt. They are coming from the qemu monitor every time disk
stats info is requested. As far as I know there is no way to disable
logging these messages, though it would certainly be handy since they
will quickly take up a lot of room if virt-manager is left running.

You can disable disk polling in virt-manager via Edit->Preferences

- Cole

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