[et-mgmt-tools] How to get the IP address of Virtual Machines

Mackell, Thomas O tomackell at duke-energy.com
Thu Feb 12 17:24:57 UTC 2009

We have several virtual guests running. Is there a way to get the guests virtual machines ip addresses ?
We build the virtual machine using virt-install.  We are using DHCP for the temporary ip addresses.
After the machines is built,  we currently use the virt-manager to open a console, do an ifconfig eth0 to get the machines ip address, is there an easier way to do this. Hopefully from the Dom 0 logon session.
Currently running RHEL 5.3 os, the virtual machines are various version of Redhat and Fedora, Centos etc.

Thanks in Advance,
Thomas Mackell
IM OSS UNIX/VMS Server Design & Support
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