[et-mgmt-tools] paravirtualization on a T7200

Javier Carnero Iglesias emepetres at gmail.com
Sat Jan 24 11:31:21 UTC 2009

I'm using kvm in Ubuntu Intrepid x86_64, and I thought kvm could do
paravirtualization. So I'll try xen while I'm waiting for a new release of
kvm with paravirtualization support.

Thanks a lot Cole, you answered my questions!

I'm using kvm so I guess that's the problem, then I'll try Xen soon.

2009/1/23 Cole Robinson <crobinso at redhat.com>

> Javier Carnero Iglesias wrote:
> > Hi guys, I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop with an Intel T7200. I have
> VT
> > enabled in the BIOS, but virt-manager only allows me to do fully
> virtualized
> > machines.
> >
> FYI, 'fully virtualized' is what VT allows you to use.
> > Does anyone knows why "paravirtualized" option is disabled for me on
> > virt-manager?
> >
> > I've some days working on it and i'm totaly lost, any help appreciated,
> > thanks!
> What distro and hypervisor are you using? (basically, xen or kvm).
> If you are using kvm, true paravirtualization isn't a valid option, so
> just choose fully virt. Paravirt, in the sense that we represent it,
> only applies to xen. Yes, the UI is confusing in this respect, but all
> that is slated to change "real soon now".
> If you are using xen, please provide:
> uname -a
> virsh capabilities
> Thanks,
> Cole
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