[et-mgmt-tools] paravirtualization on a T7200

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Sat Jan 24 17:58:55 UTC 2009

Javier Carnero Iglesias wrote:
> I'm using kvm in Ubuntu Intrepid x86_64, and I thought kvm could do
> paravirtualization. So I'll try xen while I'm waiting for a new release
> of kvm with paravirtualization support.

Well, I said kvm doesn't offer 'full' paravirtualization like xen, and
it never will. kvm does offer paravirtualized drivers (virtio) for disk
and network devices, which give performance that's more than enough for
most peoples needs.

I don't think Intrepid has the packages needed to run as a xen host, so
your easiest bet is to use kvm. Try a google search for 'ubuntu virtio'
and I'm sure you can find some specific intructions on how to get it all

- Cole

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