[et-mgmt-tools] How to work with virt-manager-sources

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Tue Jan 27 16:38:24 UTC 2009

Luca Botti wrote:
>  Hi,
> just a question - what is the correct cycle to work with virt-manager
> sources?
> That is, do I have to work with .in files (losing any guidance from
> Python IDEs) or there is a better procedure?

In general, .in are rarely altered altered. The majority of the code is
in src/virtManager and are all .py files, with all the UI in the src/ as
.glade files (use glade-3 to edit those).

The only .in file you might want to change is src/virt-manager.py.in,
but it doesn't really contain much interesting stuff. I don't use an IDE
so I'm not sure if there is any workaround for you.


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