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Re: [et-mgmt-tools] VMware/qemu-kvm-?? migration

Gene Czarcinski wrote:
On Thursday 16 July 2009 15:42:41 Gene Czarcinski wrote:
Is the right SCSI driver available in the initrd?  You should be able
to find out what driver(s) are in the guest's initrd using
Light bulb lights above head!

Yup, yup ... thank you very much!  The problem is that the needed drivers
are not in the initrd file.

Now I know what the problem is but "fixing" it will need some thought.

OK, I got a "fix" that worked and the problem definitely was that the initrd file did not contain the right/needed drivers for the new hardware configuration.

First: The guest is an i386 F9 system. Although the VMware guest used a SCSI adapter, I used a IDE adapter on qemu-kvm. I did not bother converting the file but just used a copy of the vmdk file.

To get a good initrd file: Bootup the F9 i386 distribution DVD and run rescue mode. Use scp to copy the "current" kernel and firmware rpms (the guest was not up-to-date). chroot the the guest's disks. Install the kernel and firmware rpms. Reboot to the updated guests ... everything works! Success!

Before installing a new kernel rpm to get the updated initrd file, I tried just running mkinitrd for the rescue/chroot mode but this did not appear to generate a correct initrd file (it did not work). I used:
   mkinitrd  /boot/initrd______.img  <kernel_version>

Whatever "dance" installing a kernel does to create a good initrd file, just running mkinitrd is not it. Any suggestions? It would be nice to just run mkinitrd to fix things.

I used to do this manually over a year ago, updating /etc/modprobe.conf and then running mkinitrd should do the trick.

Q: Does virt-p2v fixup initrd as part of its process? [No, I have not tried it yet]

Since guestfish gives me access to the filesystems on a virtual disk, it would be nice if I could (easily) update the initrd to have the right drivers. This may not be practical since guestfish does not know what the guest's hardware configuration looks like ... running rescue-mod and chroot may be the best that can be used to fix things.

Once I get the process down for migrating a Fedora guest from VMware to qemu-
kvm, I will then look into the far bigger challenge of (ugh) Windows.


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