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Re: [et-mgmt-tools] Running virt-install without X

bodhi zazen <bodhi zazen ubuntu com> wrote:

> First is virsh

I didn't realise I could create a new guest from virsh, so that may be
helpful: thank you. Could you give me a sample command line that will boot
from an ISO image and start the guest installation?

> Second is to run kvm directly from the command line. You then use the
> option -vnc :0

I explicitly stated that I didn't want to use X anywhere, including vnc,
so that option won't work.

> Third is to use one of several web interfaces (Personally I advise
> Proxmox, there are others).

Thanks again. I Googled Proxmox: it seems to be some kind of
commercial anti-spam gateway with a "free" "lite" version. Not sure how
that fits in to creating new guests on a KVM server. Also, it would seem
to require X as it requires a web interface. Yes, I'm aware of links et
al, but I don't really need them to install Linux.

I don't think I've explained what I'm looking for very clearly, for which
I apologise. Let me give a practical example. I'd like to ssh to a remote
host, not running X, and download the latest Debian installer .iso. Debian
has a text-mode installer. I'd like to create a new KVM guest on that
server and "boot" the Debian iso and have the text-mode installation
output come up in the ssh session, or at least have it accessible from the
ssh session. Once the installation is complete, I can boot the guest into
Debian proper.

I can do almost all of that today; however, I use virt-install and it pops
up a window containing the text-mode, character-based installation. I just
need to redirect that so that instead of going to a separate window, the
text mode installation is accessible directly from the ssh session. My
suspicion was that virt-install's '--nographics' mode would be the clue to
achieve what I want, but I've not been successful.

Thanks for taking the time to make suggestions.


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