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Re: [et-mgmt-tools] Running virt-install without X

Umm ... I think virsh is what you want, slthough I do not think you understand what I told you about KVM.

You will need to connect to the Debian installer somehow if you go that route, I am not familiar with it and I am not sure if you can simply boot the iso and then connect to the guest via ssh.

For virsh, since I see your google is broken =)






That should certainly get you started.

As far as running KVM without X I suggest you read man qemu

Or try this blog :


with the -vnc flag you can run without X

-vnc none

or , since you are installing from an iso, -vnc :0 (or what have you) so you may connect to the installer from remote.

Neither -vnc none or -vnc :0 require X at all on the (host) server or guest (you can connect via vnc to a minimal guest with no X installed on either host or guest).

Happy reading =)

On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 10:31 PM, Bodhi Zazen <bodhi zazen montanalinux org> wrote:

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New to list. I couldn't find a searchable archive of this ML, so
apologies if this has been asked before (feel free to flame me, but
please include a pointer to where I can find the answer).

I've been looking at KVM virtualisation recently. I want to use it on a
hosted server without X installed, and I want to be able to create new
(Linux) guests from the command line.

virt-install lets me kick off an installation, but everything I've tried
so far needs a graphical terminal of some sort to carry out the
text-based (Debian Lenny) installation. Once the installation is
complete, I can use 'virsh' to connect to the serial console and that
works fine.

I suspect the key is in virt-install's '--nographics' option, but I
can't seem to connect to the console to carry out the installation
after using that option. Can anyone shed some light?

(Just to be clear: I want to do everything via an ssh session, so no
VNC, etc).


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