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Re: [et-mgmt-tools] RFC: virt-manager: Manager UI rework

On 07/24/2009 12:22 AM, Cole Robinson wrote:
Hi all,

I've been reworking the main manager view in virt-manager. You can check
out a screenshot here:


The code can be cloned from here:


I've changed the following pieces:

- Lower button bar is now a toolbar at the top of the window. I think
this is obvious: a toolbar at the top is much more in line with existing
UI convention, and is more intuitive.

- Dropped the 'View: Active/Inactive' combo box. I don't think anybody
was using this option, and it was only taking up space.

- Dropped all columns except Name, Status, and Stats. Columns like vcpus
and memory progress bar really added no value. Most of these columns
were for stats reporting which, while useful, would largely balloon the
list (if enabled) to the point of uselessness. If we want good stats
comparison, we should have an entire separate screen for this, which
could provide many more comparison metrics.

- Allow changing what the single graph column is measuring: cpu, disk,
or network. This way users can still have an at a glance comparison of
the metric of their choice. Screenshot:


I don't find it very useful that the VMs are divided according to the VM driver they use. From my perspective I have machines X, Y and Z and most of the time I don't really care if they are Xen, KVM, Qemu, etc. VMs. If I have 10 Webservers of which 5 run on Xen and 5 on KVM then I would still like to see them as a group of 10 Webservers rather than being split into two groups according to the driver.

In fact I think the grouping should be defined by the user e.g. "Webservers-extranet", "Webservers-intranet", "Databases", etc.


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