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ext3-0.0.5c released

Hi all,

ext3-0.0.5c is now up at:

and	ftp.*.kernel.org:/pub/linux/kernel/people/sct/ext3/

The most important part of this release is the e2fsprogs: e2fsck now
supports the journal changes for metadata-only journaling.

Ted, I've changed around the use of jfs* include files in e2fsprogs
quite heavily here.  In each build directory --- the lib/ext2fs dir
where mkjournal.c resides, and e2fsck/ itself --- there is a
"jfs_user.h" which needs to include the necessary header files.
e2fsprogs/include/linux/jfs.h is now a verbatim copy of the kernel's
own jfs.h, and likewise recovery.c and revoke.c are shared.

mke2fs in this release can only create V2 superblock journals, so
filesystems created by the mke2fs will not work on ext3-0.0.3b
kernels.  You can still use the old technique of creating the journal
via kernel mount options if you want to create an older format
filesystem, but I want to deprecate the V1 superblock as quickly as

e2fsck will understand both V1 and V2 format superblocks, though.

Ted, we should sync up on e2fsprogs soon if we can --- do you want to
do an official WIP of this stuff shortly?

>From the readme:

Changes in this release


Fix a major kernel recovery bug which could prevent recovery if you
crashed too soon after first mouting a filesystem.

Fixed up all of the unnecessary recovery and journal warnings at boot

Merged in Andreas's flags-handling cleanups.

Made the V2 data mode default to ordered, as documented (5b actually
defaulted to writeback).

Add e2fsprogs RPMs and SRPMS, including e2fsck support for recovering
the V2 superblocks.


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