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ext3-0.0.5d released


ext3-0.0.5d.tar.gz is now up on

and	ftp.*.kernel.org:/pub/linux/kernel/people/sct/ext3/

as patches against 2.2.18.

This only contains the kernel bits: we're in the process of syncing up
on some e2fsprogs so I'll do another release shortly once we've got
all of the pending changes for the user-mode tools assembled.

This release is mostly minor bug fixes and cleanups, but there is one
major fix for quotas.

>From the changelog:

Changes in this release


Fix a major oops/hang bug when running with quotas.

The other fixes are mostly minor:

Forcibly clear the journal of stale recovery information on mount if
NEEDS_RECOVERY flag is not set.

Cleanups from Andreas for the ext3 superblock revision/flags setting.

Fix a buffer_head leak on disk full.

Close a window during truncate where a crash could leak disk blocks.

Fix a posssible hang when recovering a partially-completed truncate.

Fix a couple of places where we had compiler incompatibilities if
running on non-Intel architectures or when compiling with gcc-2.7.2.


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