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RFC: ext3 ability to syslog actions

Forgive me if this has been discussed. I'm new to the list and couldn't
find any list archives or a FAQ or anything similiar. (Is there

I've just today installed ext3 .5d in my machine. All drives (including
'/'). I like it! However, I'm curious about what it's doing. I don't
know C, so telling me to read source won't help. I'm wondering if it
would make sense to provide a facility (probably at the VFS level so
that all filesystems could use it) to allow a filesystem to report on
what it is doing through the syslog facility. This ability would of
course, default to 'off' but would be enabled by 'cat 1 >
/proc/fs/syslogging' or some similar manner. 

I know that the current fs types would probably be boring (ext2, msdos,
etc) and you wouldn't get much from this. But with Reiser, ext3, Tux2
(and it's tail-merging), IBM's jfs, and others I think there might be
some worthwhile information to be gathered. 'Writing to journal',
'Purgig journal', 'Tail-merging inode 2341->2352', etc...

Does anyone else think there might be a use (at least for debugging?) of
such a facility?
Douglas J. Hunley (Linux User #174778)

Suburbia: where they tear out the trees & then name streets after them.

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