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Re: converting / to ext3-0.0.5d

Hi Andreas,

Andreas Dilger wrote:

For existing filesystems, you need to use the "journal=update" option
to update the journal format.  For root, can do this with a boot parameter
at the LILO boot prompt (assuming linux is the name of your kernel):

linux rootflags=journal=update

Great, it works ! (I made an error during typing the command at the lilo-prompt)

Unfortunately there's still one problem after converting the

When the system is up I can't see a strange behaviour, but
during each boot-process of my RH7-Box I receive the following
message (Only root-partition, /home-partition works fine):

Checking root filesystem
Ext3 journal superblock is corrupt


The ext2 superblock is corrupt: no valid journal
superblock found

Any ideas?

Ordered mode is considerably faster, which is why it is the default.

I can confirm that - the performence issue didn't exist any longer for my setup / applications.



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