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Re: converting / to ext3-0.0.5d

Hi Andreas,

Andreas Dilger wrote:

Joachim, you write:

Unfortunately there's still one problem after converting the

When the system is up I can't see a strange behaviour, but
during each boot-process of my RH7-Box I receive the following
message (Only root-partition, /home-partition works fine):

Checking root filesystem
Ext3 journal superblock is corrupt


The ext2 superblock is corrupt: no valid journal
superblock found

You should probably get the most recent version of the e2fsprogs from
sourceforge, and verify that the problem still exists.

I'm currently using the e2fsprogs-1.20 and I didn't find newer ones.

For some reason
e2fsck does not understand that there is a new version of the superblock,
and thinks it is corrupt.  The other possibility is that there is a bug
in e2fsck (or in the kernel) which writes out a slightly wrong format of
journal superblock, and the other one doesn't understand it.

What _should_ happen is that if e2fsck does not understand the journal superblock it should refuse to change it, or it could fall back to the mount/unmount method of recovering the journal. In this case, it is actually not a problem that e2fsck is resetting the journal, because when the root fs is mounted, the kernel does the journal recovery for us, and resets the journal itself. It should still be looked at, however.

What I don't understand is, why my /home-partition don't cause
any problems here and my /-partition does. That makes in my eyes
absolutely no sense, why it works fine with the first partition and not with
the second one. The only difference was, that I converted the
/-partition later than my /home-partition and I fsck'd the /home-partition
directly after re-mounting the partition.

How can I verify, if e2fsck does not understand the journal superblock?
/var/log/messages doesn't 'provide' me with more error-messages.



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